Coming Soon – JamSession

Posted by Jerry | Posted in Development | Posted on 29-12-2009-05-2008


We’ve got an exciting new product that was submitted to the app store today. JamSession is an app that you can use to practice playing with a band – even if your band isn’t available. Just plug in your headphones or your sound system, and play along. Check out these awesome graphics by


The first version ships with 4 songs in different genres to choose from. Soon we will add the ability to download new songs for FREE.

Pick a song

If you want to play along with the full band, you can do that, but if you want to turn off just the instrument you are playing, you can.

Turn off individual instruments

So in this example, I have turned off the drums so I can play that part. Or, if I wanted to hear the drums more clearly, I could turn off the bass and guitar and hear just the drums.

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